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Cleaning Products

Cleaning products

Sublime Flooring Group stock quality specialised floor cleaners which are PH neutral, such as those from the WOCA, FIDDES or BONA range of floor cleaning products. This ensures premium protection for your floor.

With the right care and maintenance using a good quality floor cleaner, you can preserve the elegance and beauty of your floor for many years to come.

Please drop in or give us a call, so we can guide you as to which product is the most suitable for your type of floor.

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Technical Information

  • Clean your timber floor regularly with a broom, electrostatic mop, or Vacuum cleaner ( ensure the vacuum cleaner head has the right attachment so it will not scratch your floor) This will remove dirt and grit, which can cause fine scratching and wear on your floor.


  • Mop with a microfibre spin mop, or a microfibre swish and spray mop. Microfibre spin mops when correctly used leave less moisture residue on the boards. A swish and spray mop is a good option for those who are unable to carry the weight of a bucket of water.


  • The use of steam mops or self-mopping tools (Scooba etc) and cotton string mops are not recommended as they leave a lot more moisture on the board, which can lead to the cupping or distorting of your floorboards. Excessive moisture and timber flooring do not mix.


  • Oiled or waxed timber floors require different cleaners and maintenance than a lacquered timber floor or vinyl. When refreshing an oiled floor, Cotton head mops are more suitable than microfibre mops. Microfibre mops tend to absorb the active ingredient.


  • Do NOT under any circumstance use bleach, ammonia, methylated spirits, or caustic based cleaners. These products will strip and weaken the coating and could cause colour distortion and staining.


  • We also recommend that all chair legs ie. dining chairs, stools and other chairs which are constantly being moved, have felt pads placed underneath to protect the floor. Constant movement over a timber floor will degrade and damage the surface, affecting the coatings.


  • Office chairs with castor wheels need to have a clear PVC chair mat, a short pile mat or carpet square underneath. The constant movement of castor wheels will inevitably wear off the floor coatings.

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