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Staircases are often taken for granted, however having a stylish staircase is a great addition to enhance your home’s beauty.

If you’re looking for a way to transform your home, timeless timber staircases offer both warmth and character, choose from one of our staircase styles and create a stunning centrepiece a step above the rest.

Sublime has a wealth of experience in the offsite manufacturing of timber staircase nosings and tread wraps.

Offsite manufacturing speeds up installation times significantly, jobs get completed faster.

We can help you come up with inspiration for your home. Contact us to see how we help you.



Standard mitre - SFG115
Square Bullnose - SFG118
Laminate nosing including Perspex angle edge insert - SFG122
Hybird Vinyl Bullnose -SFG123
Square Bullnose with Perspex *Anti slip Inserts - SFG118 + SFG401
Square Bullnose with Perspex *Anti Slip Inserts - SFG118 + SFG401
Standard Mitre with Alloy *Anti Slip Strip - SFG115 + SFG400
Non Standard Mitre with Brass *Anti Slip Inserts - SFG115 + SFG403
Standard Mitre with Perspex angle edge strip - SFG115 + SFG418
Standard Mitre with Perspex angle edge strip - SFG115 + SFG418
Standard Mitre with alloy angle edge strip - SFG115 + SFG417
Standard Mitre with Brass angle edge insert - SFG115 + SFG419
Laminate Stair Nosing with Perspex Anti Slip Strips - SFG122 + SFG401
*Please Note: The Slip Resistance Strips on the tread have been officially been slip test rated and are subject to an Australian Patent for offsite manufacture.


Stair Nosings:

Have a new floor that clashes with your existing stairs?
That’s why we have introduced our custom-made range of Stair Nosing solutions.
Meticulously manufactured to provide a smooth transition from floor to stairway, our Stair Nosings are specifically tailored to your treads.
Adding an attractive flow-through feature to your hallway, our Stair Nosings are the perfect solution to any timber staircase in any space.


Floating Stairs and Wraps:

Take your home to the next level with our versatile range of timber stair designs and wraps to choose from.
If you have floating treads specified for a new build or extension or want to revamp your existing floating stairs, wrap them with your choice of Timber Flooring whether Solid or Engineered and create stand-out feature in your home.
With various timber textures on offer, our tailor-made solutions cater to every trend and taste.


Available in a range of colours:

  • Light Grey
  • Walnut
  • Black
  • Mid/dark grey
  • White
  • Alloy
  • Brass





Please email orders to admin@sublimeflooringgroup.com.au



  • Alloy and Brass strips only suitable for Engineered timbers 14mm+ thick.


  • Please oversize nosings by approx 5cm as dimensions can vary from step to step, and its an easier size to trim down rather than a couple of millimetres.


  • A $2.00 cut down fee applies to full planks trimmed to order size. This may be more cost effective than paying for full length boards charged out per lineal metre where there may be high wastage.


  • Lead time for Stair Nosings, 5 – 10 working days dependant on jobs in queue.


  • Stair Wraps allow 10 – 15 working days.

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